Aquarius Plus

Aquarius Plus White (ATX, USB3.0x2+USB2.0x1, Front & Left Tempered Glass):EN43668
Aquarius Plus White (ATX, USB3.0x2+USB2.0x1, Front & Left TG, 7PCS CY120 Fan, Frontx3+Bottomx3+Rearx1):EN43675
Aquarius Plus WH/SL (ATX, USB3.0x2+USB2.0x1, Front & Left Tempered Glass, White Case+Silver Silk Print):EN43682
Aquarius Plus WH/SL (ATX,U3.0x2+U2.0x1,FR&LF TG,7PCS CY120,FRx3+BTx3+RRx1, White Case+Silver Silk Print):EN43699

Xigmatek Aquarius Plus, a new generation Rainbow RGB PC case with front and left tempered glass, the case chassis designed for all major ATX, M-ATX and Mini ITX gaming or professional motherboard. Support 158mm CPU Cooler clearance and 360mm VGA card, up to 10 x 120mm fan or liquid cooling radiators top 240/360mm, right 240/360mm, and rear 120mm for excellent cooling performance. Special chassis design easy to do cable management and hide all the messy cables for a tidy display. Aquarius specially comes with see through tempered glass front panel; it is a perfect choice to display how beautiful your system build will be.