Xigmatek Launches Hera Series Power Supply Unit

Taipei, Taiwan - Xigmatek, a leading manufacturer of PC components and peripherals, today announced the availability of Hera series power supplies, the stable and efficient power supply unit in its class. The Hera series has better build quality, 100% fully modular black flat cables with energy-saving 80PLUS Gold ratings. The Hera series is available in 650, 750 and 850 watt variants perfect for gamers, enthusiasts and even system builders.


Smart ECO Technology

Hera equipped with Smart ECO Technology, it’s a smart fan control innovation which will adjust the fan RPM automatically to provide best balance between noise level and cooling smartly, minimize noise level without temperature increase, maximize cooling during heavy system loading.


Smart ECO Switch

Smart ECO Off: PSU fan will spin at the system startup, fan speed RPM will self-adjust smartly according to PSU actual operating temperature.

Smart ECO On: PSU fan will not spin during system startup and light loading, it will start to spin when PSU reach to mid loading (approx. at 40% loading), fan speed RPM will self-adjust smartly according to PSU actual operating temperature.

Gold-Plated High Current Cable Terminals

Improve connection quality to deliver clean and stable power.


Full-Bridge Topology with LLC Resonant Converter

New generation PSU topology, designed to deliver high efficiency and strong power output.


DC TO DC Converter, Single +12V Rail

Improved load regulation and ripple & noise, greater system stability, single rail +12V DC output offers best compatibility for latest PC system.


High Quality 100% Japanese Electrolytic Capacitors

High quality material, insure to provide best quality and life time.


Complete Protections: OCP/OVP/OPP/OTP/SCP/UVP

Provide full protections to the PSU, secure and safe



About Xigmatek


Founded in 2005 at Germany, due to the experience with solid requirement toward R&D and quality of product, Xigmatek became expert in industrial cooling field right away.

In 2006, Xigmatek set up HQ office in Taiwan. With the R&D technology experience in cooling field, and the market study of IT industry. Xigmatek officially step into the consumer computer part’s market.
Within three years, Xigmatek extended product line quickly into chassis, power supply, and computer peripherals and popularize the company step by step all over the world till now.

Final goals for Xigmatek is continuously introduce innovative and attractive products to the public. For more information, please visit www.xigmatek.com or follow us at https://www.facebook.com/xigmatek.global